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Aircon Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Aircon Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Poorly maintained or defective electrical appliances account for up to seventy per cent of accidental fires in Australian homes. Other than home fires, handling electrical devices such as air conditioners without professional knowledge puts you at risk of electrocution. Here we discuss some precautions that will protect you and your family from injuries.

Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

Dirt and dust are trapped within an air conditioner after a long period of use. This makes home occupants vulnerable to allergies and other health issues. Circuitry issues such as damaged cables in the air conditioning unit also pose a safety threat to your family. The best way to prevent such problems is by scheduling an AC tune-up with a qualified technician.

Change or Clean AC Filters Regularly

AC filters are responsible for eliminating contaminants from air passing through your air conditioning system. An old or damaged filter exposes you to pollutants such as allergens. So it is essential to clean and change the filters regularly to ensure your room remains fresh and comfy.

Clear the Furnace and Vents

Flammable items such as newspaper and cardboard should be kept at least 3 feet away from your air conditioning system. The same applies to your vent and furnace. A poorly ventilated furnace or blocked airway can transform a small spark into a hazardous blaze.

Follow Safety Procedures On User Manual

Maintenance of electrical equipment varies from one device to another. You cannot maintain your air conditioner the same way you manage other residential appliances. This is why every appliance comes along with a specific user manual from the manufacturer. Follow the guidelines on the manual at all times, or you may risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Be Aware Of Common Defects

As a regular user of air conditioning, you should know when something is out of the ordinary. If you hear unusual noises or detect a refrigerant leak, take these as a sign of trouble. Get in touch with a licensed AC technician on ( for professional assistance.

Disconnect All Power Sources

When it comes to servicing your air conditioning unit, switch off all power outlets before working on the wiring. Some air conditioners have multiple power switches. Consult an AC professional about their location unless you are sure about it.