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Useful Tips To Save Your Time And Money On A Storage Unit

While extra storage space can be an appealing option to millions of Australians for a variety of reasons, it is a significant expense which has to be justified, particularly for those homeowners or business owners on tight budgets. To make sure you can make the most of your self-storage unit, try these smart tips for saving your time and money – there are many reasons for storage in Sydney.

Self Storage Unit

How to save time while moving to a storage unit

– Prepare beforehand

It is advisable to pack your items and goods a couple of weeks before you move them to the storage unit. This is especially helpful when you know when to move because a spare room could be set aside for packed containers and boxes, which would be filled with other things that you won’t need right away.

– Load in the right order

You should load the truck in an order which you want your items to be placed in the self-storage unit. For example, it’s better to put those boxes that you need to use regularly first on the truck so that they will come into the storage area last when unloading.

– Clear the decks

Avoid working with pets or kids when you are moving your items. Make sure to have a neighbour or friend look after your 4-legged members or little ones so that you can focus on the work. This will speed up the process, as well as prevent any breakages or accidents from happening.

How to save money when moving to a storage unit

– Collect boxes ahead of time

Before the date of moving, make sure to prepare the boxes and containers that you are going to need. To save money, you can find unused or old boxes in the local retailers. If you want to use uniformly sized and sturdy packing boxes, then consider purchasing them from other homeowners who have recently moved and wants to sell them cheaply.

– Utilise free items for packaging

There are many items in the household that you can use to pack your goods, such as old clothing, clean rags, junk mail, and newspapers. Also, bubble wrap or foam peanuts from different sources can also save you money on purchasing boxes. Keep in mind that magazines and newspapers tend to bleed ink as they turn hot, so you should only wrap those items and goods that can be cleaned easily.

– Move the items yourself

Instead of hiring a professional moving service, you can save a lot of money by hiring a truck and transporting the items on your own. A few helpers, some rope, and a sturdy trolley are what you need to get it done in a couple of hours.

– Support the moving service

If hiring a professional moving service is unavoidable, you can lower the cost by supporting them as much as possible. These companies often charge by the hour, so if you have already packed or stacked all the boxes and furniture, it will reduce the amount of working time.